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Wax Melts

The sense of smell is the number one sense that helps people remember things! Bring back those special moments with Rogue Wax candles, wax melts, & beard oils.  

All of our Rogue Wax products are made in Kalispell, Montana. We hand pour each product- making them the old fashioned way- in small batches to ensure quality. We take the time to wick the jar, measure out the wax, fragrance the batch, and label each candle by hand. This is our passion. This is our legacy.

Ingredients: 100% American grown soy wax, fragrance oils infused with essential oils all hand poured in small batches into recyclable plastic containers.

Directions: Open Rogue Wax Wax Melt recyclable package and break off a cube of wax. Place in wax warmer and enjoy the fragrance! Please do not leave candles or wax warmers unattended or on/near flammable surfaces. If spilled, our 100% natural soy wax can be cleaned up with soap and water. Remember melted wax is HOT- keep away from children and animals. 

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