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Why does a soy candle frost?

Sometimes a soy candle frosts. Frosting is the common term for "polymorphism" which depicts the white coating that appears on soy candles. Sometimes you see this on top of the candle or through the clear glass of the jar. 

What causes frosting in the candles?

Frosting is totally natural for soy candles and is unique to vegetable waxes like soy wax. The natural wax is re-crystalizing. All soy waxes frost to some degree and is a sign that your candle is 100% natural soy wax. Dyed candles tend to show frosting more. We do not dye our candles anymore however are able to add color on special orders. We have decided to keep our candles as pure and simple as possible.

There are additives that can be added to soy candle wax to help prevent frosting. At Rogue Wax LLC we do NOT add anything to our soy wax keeping the integrity of the natural product. Because we don't add anything, except fragrance oils or essential oils, our candles sometimes frost. 

I used to dislike it when the candles frosted until I realized it's just the way the wax is at its purest form. And so now I'm okay with that... it's just like life. In the imperfections there is a perfect thing. 

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