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A Montana Experience... Huckleberry Picking

We have lived in Montana for four years now and one of our favorite things to do is huckleberry picking. When we were living on the Pacific coast in Crescent City, California, we picked blackberries in late summer/early fall. Well here in Montana it is the same... sort of. 

In the late summer if you hike up in the mountains in Northwest Montana you may come across some huckleberry bushes. These shorter plants grow one of the best tasting berries in the world. Huckleberries are prized in these areas- often being sold for $60 per gallon jug! 

Even though in Montana the people are extremely friendly and wonderful... it's not common practice to share your fishing holes or your huckleberry picking spots. If you are lucky enough to come across a good picking spot, make sure you have your bear spray close as the grizzlies enjoy this sweet berry too!

If hiking up a mountain, keeping an eye out for grizzly bears, and getting your fingers stained purple isn't your thing- it's okay. At Rogue Wax LLC, we have our Montana Huckleberry candles and wax melts available for you. Great as souvenirs, gifts, or a special treat for yourself, our Montana Huckleberry products are incredible! 

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