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Rogue Wax Beard Oils are 100% natural oils made to tame that sexy beard. Each one ounce bottle has essential oils added to either hemp or almond oils with vitamin E oils to smooth, stimulate, cleanse, and purify your beard.

Rogue Wax Beard Oils soothe the skin and soften the hair. A little goes a long way! 

Directions: Add one small drop to palm of your hand. Rub both palms together and then rub oil into beard. Remember a little goes a long way... you can always add more oil but you have to wash it out if you add too much. (We learned this the hard way.) Comb with a Rogue Wax Wooden Comb and go have an awesome day!

One ounce bottles.

Rogue Wax Beard Oils can be made without nut oils by special order. Please contact us for more details.